26 Feb

How time flies

It has been too long without a word from me to you. I cannot believe how much time has pass since my last post. It is crazy what felt like a day has turned into many days. I am still reading over the time that has passed. Sometimes I wonder what has happen to time. As a kid, it seems that it took forever for one minute to pass from the next. Nowadays it seem as if you blink an eye, a whole day passes you by.

So what have I been doing all of this time? Well let us do a short recap of what happen since the last time I post my last blog. So much has changed and so much has been accomplished in my life.   Ever since then I have been moving and grooving. Without a break or stop. The last time I was this busy I was studding for the MCAT is, going to school, starting a new job and moving to a new city. It was crazy. Since then I have tried not to be that busy and stress out.

I have to say that I have done an excellent time at doing it.

Until this short month of February. It seems the shorter the month, the shorter the days, hours, minutes that I feel as if I am trying to fit a thirty-hour day into twenty-four.

First, I moved. Not far just across town. Then I started a new business with my brother Charles. Not to mention I have been dealing with my best friend who is going through a nasty divorce.

12 Feb

Yea, it is time for something new

I am so busy, especially this week. It seems like every moment I have is planned and devoted to someone else. I do not have time for a break, for a breath, not a thing. The other day I realized that it has been three weeks since I went to the barbershop. If you know me that is a lifetime in my book. I am a good-looking man, no arrogance just the truth, I also like to keep myself looking good. No slouch over here.

Tomorrow I have every intent on stopping by my barber and getting a quick trim and line up. If not tomorrow, because I know it gets busy, I might hit up him Saturday morning. Let us just see how everything plays out because I will have a lot of running around and I expect to have a new furnace installed. My grandfather looked at it a few days ago, after visiting me, and he said its time to replace it. Better to do now then wait until it is freezing in my house and I can barely stand it.

When I was looking for a heating and cooling company to replace my old boiler. Oh yea, I have a boiler and not a furnace. Shows everyone how much I know. Who knew there was a difference in the heating world? Anyway, I am switching to forced air heating.

With the change of HVAC, system means, that I have to have completely new systems of ducts installed throughout my entire house. Not only is that but my heating and cooling system getting a total overhaul. New furnace and a/c unit.

My wonderful grandpa even hooked me up with a company. One that he knows the owner and swears by their service. He gives me their card that he just so happen to have in his pocket, and stayed until I contacted them.

I noticed that they had a website. While my grandpa was in the bathroom, I quickly checked out their site, premiumhvacservicesinc.com, on my phone. My grandpa is rarely wrong but I am a bit of a control freak. He understands.

After checking out their very professional looking website, I scheduled a consultation for tomorrow. First thing in the morning, then if everything goes well and we come to terms with a good price and time line then they can start the installation that very same day.

I cannot wait.

11 Feb

Is LV Old News?

If you believe what those “fashion analyst” LV is no longer the brand of the high and mighty. Many people who love to wear those expensive in order to stick out are now choosing to not carry Louis V. Once something is popular that is usually a good thing but not if you are trying to be unique.

As it grows in popularity, it is losing its mystique and elitism. According to an article the Chinese elite are no longer a fan of Louis Vuitton as they did, say, fifteen years ago. Then they fell in love with the brand and beautifully wore it and carry it. For many, many years.

Now in twenty sixteen, the Chinese high society are no longer LV fans. They have graduated to other more exclusive and expensive brands. Considering it too popular and too many people are now wearing it.

Everyone must know that the Chinese choose his or her fashion choices in order to stand out. Being one of a kind and unique is a big thing.

However, I feel as if it is still a great brand. I love the structure and quality that you received when you buy Louis Vuitton. What is better is that it is there every time you make a purchase. That is why each item have a great resale value. If you get in a pinch or no longer using something, you can sell it and make most of your money back.

Why? Because it is a good and reliable brand, that many people love.

My self included!

10 Feb

The biggest sale ever!!

I am telling you this has to be my best week of twenty sixteen. One thing after another, one great thing after another. I mean I have save a lot of money. Granted, I have bought a lot of stuff but I have not spent any money really.

Just this morning I was out running errands. Just minding my business not really even looking for something. I was spending money by  paying bill, picking up some household items, and doing my weekly grocery shopping. Nothing to specular. Just regular grown up stuff nothing fancy or fun really. Just necessary, you know.

There I was in the grocery, in the produce department actually. I am of need of broccoli and some mushrooms. As I am looking through the stuff that they had available. Organic of course. This dude next to me was also looking in the same area as I was. He said what is up to me and me responding with a head nod. Nothing too personal, just that basic acknowledgement.

He kept checking out my shoes. I think he was trying to be slick with it but I noticed. I always notice. There I was waiting for him to ask me about them, but believe me I was not about to wait forever. I had another stop on my home. The barbershop, time for a shave and a haircut.

It was when I was about to leave that he stops me, mentioning my shoes. He invited me to his new store. Real exclusive, invitational only.

I made an appointment for that same day. The man offered half off everything for first time customers.

09 Feb

New Season New Look

I was looking for a new spring look. Time to shake it up; I am ready for something fresh and different. It time for a wardrobe overhaul. This should be fun.

I think this summer and spring I will wear nothing but natural fibers. I was looking at this fabric from the Middle East a beautiful and soft cotton that felt like suede but breathe like linen. Last night I sent a few looks to my tailor with the design. For what I want done for this particular fabric.

I mean it is bad. The color, the feel, the lightness.   Definitely, worth the money I paid to purchase it and have it shipped over here. Many people is probably wondering how did I come across such a fabric.

Well last year I visited Dubai. It was my first time out of the country, well unless you count Canada. As I was walking through their outdoor markets and bazaar, I came across the fabric district.

Boy this is the place to get your fabric. I have never seen anything like it. Beautiful fabric of all type of material, colors, and patterns. Since it is so hot over there, they have all the breathable fabrics. Keeping you cool during those hot summer months.

Now all I have to do is find a few accessories to go with the ensemble. Such as a Louis Vuitton Loafers or maybe a pair of sandals, belt and a hat.

07 Feb

I can’t believe what I saw… and neither will you!

Remember that super Saturday sale I mention yesterday. Well, I was able to make it and boy did I do some damage. Olowe. I bought so much stuff. For myself, my family, my friends, it was amazing. Like I saved so much. I even surprise myself by how much money I saved on the things I wanted and needed.

With the use of coupons and the heavy markdowns, it was unbelievable.

Then get this, I walked into this store. Just on a whim. Not really looking for anything in particular. Perusing around just passing time. The store was nice, different not really my scene but I had a few minutes before I had to shoot across time for a dentist appointment.

As I am just walking around drinking my orange Julius I looked out the window, I saw the craziest thing. It was something that I never expected in my entire life. I am telling you when I explain what I saw I am sure many people will not believe the words that they are reading across the screen.

There I was standing just looking at some dream catcher kit for adults, it was somewhat interesting. As I stood there debating rather should but this kit for my niece or not, I look up and I saw a mouse being chase by a dog on a skateboard.

The dog was pushing himself on this yellow skateboard. With a rat in front running like crazy.

I choked on my orange Julius. The entire thing threw me off.

05 Feb

This Saturday it is going down

I am going shopping this weekend I expect to make a large profit. I do not know what it is but there have been some great sales these last few months. Some like I have never seen before.

Like last week I found a great pair of Gucci sandals, in a beautiful turquoise, after my coupon and the store’s markdown, they came to nineteen dollars and twenty-three cents. Can you believe it? I must have price scanned that thing about a hundred times.

I hoping to do just as well if not better this weekend. I have my eyes set on a Louis Vuitton purse, loafers, and belt. If I am lucky and they have it in stock, I think I may purchase this cute hat. However, I will have to see. If I play my cards right I should be sitting on a great haul.

Then I need to check out a new mattress, some sheets, and a saucepan. What is great is all of these things are super cheap this Saturday. If anyone has the time, they should venture out to the mall. Get the hook up. This Saturday it is going down and I plan to be the first in line. Well maybe not the first but I will be there.

I have my coupons clipped, my discount passes downloaded unto my phone. I have my staged all mapped out, and I am ready to go.

All I have to do now is wait until this Saturday. Boy, I cannot wait until Saturday; I am definitely counting down the days.

04 Feb

How To Spot a Fake

If you are trying to get some Louis Vuitton for a great deal then please take care to go with reputable places. There are so many fake merchandise out there in the world. That it is easy to get trick and you spend your money on junk. I do not want you to have to experience that.

There are a few things to look for when selecting Louis Vuitton or any type of high-end designer product. These tips are transferable to any high quality product. Even so, if you are in doubt then bow out. Some of these fakes are good that even the most experience shopper can be taken.

Like when I first started out on the sale train I was taken during a trip to Japan. After that, I did some research and brush up on the dos and don’ts.

If it looks cheap then it is.

The reason people spend a lot of money is for the high quality product. It is made so well that it is worth the money spent. If whatever you are looking looks and feels cheap and poorly made, then leave it alone. It is not the real deal.

Check out the dust bag.

Most Louis Vuitton dust bags have either the actual name or the famous LV symbol. No cheap material here either. The corners of the bag will never have round edges. Expect and look for a nice crisp squared off edge.

These are a few tips to look for that almost guarantee for you not to be duped.

03 Feb

Undiscovered Gems

Last night I had a meeting with a new client. In a part town, I have never been in. Which is weird because thought that I have been everywhere. In addition, I do mean everywhere. Who knew that there is a spot in this city that I have not been?

The meeting went flawlessly and I think I just managed to grow my portfolio immensely. After I wrapped everting up with my newly acquired cleanly, I went on a walk about the neighborhood.

This is a real gem of a place, filled with quaint little shops. In addition, gorgeous boutiques that is worth the twenty-minute ride. Is definitely a place that I will be returning to and returning to quite often?

While I was walking around, I stumbled across one of those resale/consignment shops. You know the ones that people give those clothes and accessories; they sell it up the price owed to the actual owner.

Anyway, this one was particularly amazing. Not because they seem to have many great designers in their midst but it was all vintage. Circa nineteen eighty and older.

I mean I managed to find some great pieces that I have only seen in older films. Stuff that I never even dreamed of ever owning because they ae just too rare. Unless you have an older aunt or some other relative, there is no way anyone will score this type of deals and merchandise.

I think I just discovered my new favorite client!

02 Feb

I am seeking all yard sales

Just like that, I scored another deal. From a friend of a friend. They were getting rid of their old things by having an invitational only estate sale. Then after those that received an invitation are, allow first dibs at the items, and then they will open it to the public for a few days. After that everything, gets donate to the Goodwill or some other charity.

This comes to my next suggestion. Talk to your friends. You never know what you can score at the right estate sale, auction, or yard sale. I have found some amazing things at such places you just have to know where to look.

In addition, who to deal with. OF course, there are some that are just simply a junk giveaway but then there are those that will astound you with all of the savings.

Do not feel as if you should shy away from these type of sales.

I belong to a few garage, estate, and auction sales group on social media. That way I can stay informed and aware of all the special exclusive bargains to behave. I find that belonging to the groups I get the drop on the hot spot and the items before they are advertise.

Many times, I have even been able to get in on the invitation only section solely for the fact that I am an active member on such a group.

Do not let these type of opportunities pass you by; you never know what is out there.